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ISY has broad experience in, is familiar with, and has helped to create, virtually every type of joint venture mechanism currently being applied in the industry, including transactional structures of varying types related to asset acquisition, financing and operation. We take care when structuring joint ventures to accomplish the business objectives of our clients while minimizing risk and legal complications. We advise clients with respect to planning, negotiating, documenting, forming and implementing all types of joint ventures, including partnerships and limited liability companies, and provide advice if partner disputes or litigation arise. In order to discourage future disputes and litigation, we spend considerable effort advising clients with the goal of developing mechanisms that provide future incentives to align the interests of the co-venturers and enable quick and satisfactory solutions to complications that typically arise during the lifespan of a joint venture. ISY provides sophisticated parsing of control provisions (and the allocation of risks) set forth in joint venture agreements, as well as the context-appropriate use of buy-sells, squeeze-down formulas, forced sales and other strategic exit mechanisms. We have a robust practice of economic and tax advice with respect to distribution structuring, including all types of promote distributions and potential subordination of certain tranches of capital, as well as structures used for employee incentive compensation. We also advise clients with respect to the sourcing or provision of all types of equity capital, including institutional, EB-5 capital and private syndications (from high net worth individuals to “friends and family”).